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Latar yaara flTid dealh of Bak Rhndm p. Subject American man penis. Sectno a. Fomta—Short Table No. Wforki af irapraTeTnont — ITnotawifd forcsta. Ttana, ahrnbB, alo. StCTiocf D. SKmoN E. Aria and Maaofnctnros—. Leathw worfc Ktuiia work—Pain tlngB —Maaonrj—laine SiCnoK P. BrancL roads—Cboiri ruad SJtcnos C. MiU-ngo nnd iwUhoijie —Tails Ko. Tmanfa ond reMa. Cbambft Territoiy. Scab 1 "—2 miles.

Atlas of ladia. Forest Sheets. Scale mile. Ohamba, the capital, and the only town in the principality, has a population of 6, It stands on a plateau ts dating Bara Chaubaria the right bank of the Ravi, 18 miles east of the Hill Station of Dalhousie, ts dating Bara Chaubaria about 50 miles from Shahpur, where the Ravi debouches on the plains. The gs length may be put at 65 ts dating Bara Chaubaria, and the average breadth at 50 miles.

The territory is wholly mountainous, with altitudes ranging from 2, to 21, feet above sea level; the inhabited area reaching to 10, feet. Before describing the main ranges it will be convenient to refer briefly to a low Caubaria, called the Hathi Dhar, Chabaria to the south of the Dbaula Dhir and parallel to it, at ts dating Bara Chaubaria distance shemale love stories 10 miles as the orow flies, or 20 miles by road.

This range, of which the highest point is 5, feet, is really the inner ridge of the Siwalik area, and maintains an almost unbroken course from taliLka Rihlu in Kangra to the Ravi. To the janu sexy the Rari escort independientes the boundary between Chamba and Jammu. The Hathi Dhar, like the other i anges, is steeper on its south- era than on its northern flank.

It is composed of sandstones and CEPA.

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Fhyaical Aspect!. SuperQdAl Area and do you like to be submissive with your lover. The Capital. The third is the Inner IlmidJaya or Ztinakar fiange, between the Chendb and the Indus, ihese i-onges are alJ in general continuity with the mam Himdlayait chama Chhaubaria U east, and ore confchmi weHward into EndJiimr temtory.

Towards the north the gnuemJ contour of the range proBonte a marked and striking ooutrast. The mour. The Mia-Hirndlay. HBverfl thedi? Emin pach into two largo aecLmna of. Ter ts dating Bara Chaubaria same tor onminnla and politiDal offendei's. TPabt A. The Baraa altitude is about 18,0Of feet, und some of fhe peeks datinf to 2O,O0O. The irosses in Pnngi nnd Plidar ere 17, to 18, feet, snd arc thus higher than of the Pdngf Range, Httd are also more dilEcult owing ts dating Bara Chaubaria tlie of the periuHtient glfloter.

The range ia chiefly comjioeed of gueicsose granite. Having now outlined the principal ranges in the State, it remaind to describe the intervening valleys. The ts dating Bara Chaubaria part of the tract between the Dhaula Dbdr massage montreal craigslist in the Bias Valley, datinf, small portion of the lower Bavi Valley, forma the Bhattiyat which; in proportion to its rise, is the most populous and fertile snb-diVision of the State.

The southern section of his jea.

Its vegetation is semi-tropical, and the bamboo. The Rin or CbamM E. This division is made by a snnr from the Pingi Range, thrown ofi to the south about midway in its course through the tenatory. Is fairly open, and the miaiiis of TOmmm. Ma aeow. Chambi 5tA. New' stimv begins to fall on the higher ranges in September, rinii during the remaining ta Jn the capital, Chaubarja an elevation of 3, feet, it ia rare for a winter lo pass withent ai-vera!

This custom is not found in: This migmtdoii takes place in November, and ihc retnm journey in ' April or May. Some meinbero of the village community remain at home, ts dating Bara Chaubaria pre'cnungement, to tend the cattle and look after the property, bntthe villages in Brahmanr IVisdrat are almobt desertod during winter.

This area forms the fifth Wizdrnt of the Btete. It is in many nespeote very different from the Rdvf Valley. This reginn is divided into two parts, of nearly equal size, by R lofty spur from the Zdnakar Range, called Gurdbfir, with peaks of 21, feet, the highest in the Btnte, running in a dqting direction between tlie Baichti and MiydrNIMs, and ending opposite Tindf. The sexy black bbw girls is mihlim a and imposiiig, and Nature appears in her wildest and grandest moods.

Everything is on a stupendous scale. Oil the lower oingBs arO gimqy alopegof rich pasture with all a girl wants forests of pmo ood codar, wUile higii over all, thi atom and iim. There ts dating Bara Chaubaria viUsgiri; jtre uhk'fiy to.

Food provieion for the winter months. There is aa a rule only one harvest in the year, though in places two ts dating Bara Chaubaria reaped. Tho wheal aud hai-fov ci-ops arc Chaubxria late m the autumn, Cuaubaria are ivaped in tLe following June or July, after which a oiop of phuhn datiing bret mav be Mwn ami rca ied ts dating Bara Chaubaria OctoW.

Tho roinm Jour'iiey is bogim in February.

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ts dating Bara Chaubaria Tbia divioi-'n into twii parts pro- UkjIc place itbont A. The jiftstures in thu higher rich and nutritiinis, aod Ti mno niiic with their Hocks. The tree lioe is reached ,st ll,50ff feet, and then the furest ends, and tlto traveller emerges on tho mountain side, Hei'e he will pAss tho night at an devutinti of 12, feet, Abon?

The mountam slopes I round him, too, are simply fascinating in the rich gay thug fucks ts dating Bara Chaubaria I floral vuidure which they prct-eut. Tbt CHAP.

By Td reuGhe8 the highar eaow ts dating Bara Chaubaria. Such floods oome down Tory smldenly, and thft rivolet of the morning girl looking for marriage in Broken Arrow Oklahoma be a Toahitig torrent before evening seta in. Here the river trends to the west, and soon ofterwards '9 jaijird by t!

It then bends to the s. Krom Btndbiiru to. During the winter months the Rdvf is usynlly very low, and the water dear and transparent.

It can then be forded in some places near Chambii by horses and men. TrftnaUxIia on thfr Tfat iinT. The Sin! Te raJ jnilps. Gold ill siuhH qimntities ia found in the l'h]mdri blidgn, and Qiititiru. Bridge, Tributaries on right bank. Tributaries on left bank. The jhnia. This cab e is suspended on a level with the river banks. Not more than two, or CfiAP. A- ts dating Bara Chaubaria, should attempt to cross a jhula at the same time. To this ring are fixed drag-ropes from each side of the I river, and the traveller being seated ts dating Bara Chaubaria the coil is hauled acrcffis through mid-air by men on the bank.

The sensation of crossing i is not a pleasant one, and occasionally an awkward accident happens, such as the breaking of the drag-rope when the passenger is half way.

This kind of swing bridge is called a gitniru in the Chamba State, but is named differently in other parts of the hills. The trangari has already been referrpd to, and is in veiy ThotninBaf. I 1 common use in the hills. Two beams are laid from bank to bank, parallel to each other, and about two feet apart.

On these ts dating Bara Chaubaria placed pieces of wood cross-wise, which may or may not be lashed to the beams. There are no railings, and, if the trangari is at some height above the torrent, the crossing ts dating Bara Chaubaria often a mutter of difficulty. There are in the State a few mountain tarns, such as those of Nhajiar and Mnni Mahes i but no lakes of any size. The structural features of the Chamba State fall into line qeoumit. Its leading features are the same, whilst local details vary from point ud congio- to point.

Along the southern margin of the mountain region we find the Lower Siwalik, or Nahan sandstones, and the Upper Siwalik conglomerate, in contact with the old Himilayan rocks, the line of junction between them being a reversed fault, the older Himalayan rocks thus appearing above the Tertiaiy beds.

Although the line of junction is a fault, the line also indicates the original limits of deposition of the Tertiary beds, they having been deposited against the Himalayan rocks, which formed a rising area during the deposition of the Tertiary sediments.

The dip of the Nahan beds in contact with the tra] is perpendicular, or nearly so. To the east of Samaot in the Chuari- Sihuuta section, where the trap dies out, the Tertiaiy conglomerat are in contact with the Carbo-Triassic limestone series.

Woman in love with a woman Aspects. The roek mentioned bedding. They consist of n f triolmic felspar which mutuJly ioternan ts dating Bara Chaubaria and crystallized simultaneously, embedded been a glassy base. Tho trap there filao disappears and the Siwaliks are in contact w-tb the C-irbo-TriBsaio scries. MwU'oott's infro-Krol ts dating Bara Chaubaria of the Simla am.

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The black aktes din from S S E to S. From the ts dating Bara Chaubaria above Bundlu i trans-ElvI. Further to the westward, however, it gradually expands again, and when it crosses idia sex com Chamba boundary it nas attained a width of at least feet. From the porphyritic-granitic and non-porphyritie-granitio Chhaubaria. The passage from one variety to the other is often apparently capricious; Wt even in the most perfect granitic masses a tendency towards foliation may ts dating Bara Chaubaria be observed.

Speaking generally the granite of the inner outcrop is foliated along both margins, and ts dating Bara Chaubaria foliation becomes intense where the band contracts on the north side of the river Ts dating Bara Chaubaria to a width of feet.

At dwting point it passes, on its western margin, into what, from its microscopic aspect, would be called a mica-schist. This granite, which bears internal evidence when examined. It ts dating Bara Chaubaria only caused abundant contact-metamorphism in tliem, but it sends off tongues, veins and dykes into these rocks. It has also, iu its passage through the slates and schi-ts, tom off and carried along with rs large splintery fragments of these rocks.

I, Physical Aspects. Mioroioopio appearaticos. The twinning planes of the ic imc felspar are sometimes bent: The sranite had partially consolidated before it was moyed CHAP. The final consolida- tion took pkce under conditions of continued a train. The limestones are never trore than snb-crystplline, and the carbonaceous material has not been cotiverted info graphite.

The foliation observed in ts dating Bara Chaubaria intruded granite is not always visible along Baea margin of the rock in contact with the slates.

In places the datinf, though porphyritic, is grpitic in structure ts dating Bara Chaubaria is not foUated. The partial foliation, observed m tss of the rock, is obviously due to the uniformity in direction nuposeb on the flakes of mica, by pressure on an imperfectly consolidated, viscous rock. The fact that the granite passes capriciously from a fobated to an unfoUated rock in parts away Chaubarai the margin, and that long splinters of housewives seeking real sex Fresno California 93703 are met with half a mde or more mardn of the sedimentaiy series, shows ibat the foliation observed in places ts dating Bara Chaubaria be due to the shearing of a consolidated rOck.

Hated, and the embedded fragments of schist would have been ground down to wafeis. A glance at the pbotogi-aph of a transverse section of one of j. XVn, of the Records, Geo. Elort I'loyer, F. It tfeit fe Chaubatia d. TrvmiA Seriw, [Fast A. Chaubadia lower horuon h. In its eastern extension the conglomerate passes in the SI? Ho lUx. CongtoiueHUes, O. To face p. The trap in the Btendal-Duire Dihur area ia Followed by the conglomerate above doACribod, which gives pluoe people search date services hiluraiti bods.

From Bhdlu the trap Cjaubaria in a south-easterly diraotion, and runs past Ohanens not marked: Ffaynul Atpedi, Mtn-aciuiU. We hove at the datjng indicated an intoresting proof that, at no rem. Ceaviia State. The difficulty which ft! Tf we osmlude from comslderatlon the Ei'inging eoqc of Tertiary SiwftUka. A ccocltmoiiA. This idea is fnrthor supported by other facta. The conglomerate series ie not unifortnly conglomeratic, and the uiopit probable explanation of this is that Siltiritm bods hare been folded up with.

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Bnt there is one obvious fact, the conmdemtion of which may help us transgender milf to understand wbat took place in this region. In this section i he con glome- rates have thus apparently dzting squeezed out on the south side of the granite during the folding of the strata. In yucatan women section also the volcanic ts dating Bara Chaubaria is not represented datinh of the ts dating Bara Chaubaria zone.

Section II differs from section I, inasmuch as a band of the volcanic series comes in on the Cbaubaria side of the Carbo-Triassio? Two explanations may hCaubaria offered for ts dating Bara Chaubaria disappearance of the Garbo-Triassie series from section HI.

It may have been squeezed out in a crushed syncliuHl fold, or the visible outcrops of this series may indicate the limits of its datinh deposition. The discrepancy between the outcrops of the volcanic series is, I think, due to their belonging to different volcamc eruptions not completely synchronous, dting eruptions preceding and others following the deposition of the limestones.

Subsequently, the Bkiiri series was considered by other workers datign be of Carboniferous age, owing to the resemblance which the Blaini conglomerates bear to the iSulder beds of the Salt Range safranbolu fuck tonight Talchir senes.

Quite Lwever, my son. Major A H. A- a number of fossils in an extremely good state of preserTation were Phytical found, which have been caiefully daating bj llr.

If the suggestion, that the Chitral series represents the oongiotnerate BJaini beds of the Simla area, should be confirmed by subsequent observers, the conglomerates of the Chamba area may be accepted as shemale black cherry Devonian age at ihe latest, Aro of iba I have mentioned in tbe. Richard Ljrdekkei' formed the opinion, from the description of Mr. Bridges Lee, the ts dating Bara Chaubaria discoverer of these fossils, that the limestones in which they occur are not older than Carboniferous or younger than Trias.

The oldest limit is determined by the fact that Eocene marine Chaubaia are now found ts dating Bara Chaubaria an elevation of 2 1, feet in Zanskar. The Dalhousie gtieisBOSe-granite, judged from the study of its microscopic characters, is not a rock of extreme abyssal type, but approaches more nearly to rocks which have been consolidated within a comparatively short distance from the surface.

Considering, therefore, the great length, measured in years, of our geological periods, there seems to be sufficient time between the end of the Eocene period and the Upper Tertiary era for a rock of this character to be erupted, consolidated and exposed by denudation to the open air, where it would have given rise to the boulders now included in the Upper Siwalik tss.

BeiatiTfl Although 1 think the granites of the Chamba area belong to ige of the follow that they were necessarily erupted at precisely the same stage in the crompling of the rocks. Indeed I othink there is some ground for regarding the outer band of granite, a lady looking for something new at Dalhonsie, as slightly older than the inner band.

Tbe outer band, until it passes beyond the boundary of the Chamba State, is wonderfully uniform in its thickness, dahing does not seem to have been much affected in this respect by the extreme contortion which took place along the axis of the Ravi.

Bmita ts dating Bara Chaubaria Btraio, Chamba State. Following is a list of papers ts dating Bara Chaubaria me Geology of the Chamba area, written by me, and published between and ;— 1 Note on the Section from PAngi via the SAch Pass. Eecorda, G. X, Vol. XIV, p. Records, G, 3. L, Voh XV, p. XVI, p. Records, 0. S, L, Braa.

Records, G. XVII, p. VoL XVm, p. Records, Q.

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L, Vol. XX, p. Presidential Address. Mag, Febnukrj I8S3. Ts dating Bara Chaubaria QtvnJie. Joint papon by Geiiaral McMahou and Mr. Mudles- loiij rJUn, r. OtoL Datihg. A T Ferns- C? Wl; rf? Da da. Da podiitaw lr. Da IkHnw rKaall. Datliiiiima 0a. Da da VU'. Da oqtitlLu L. Da uptaatHiEitEia Do.

Rduru Alba Edkwant-idrram n. Da ronlOMtiiii Hprflb App for 3somes. Obamia Buib,] ftnw.

cating Da Da Dq. Da Do, Dp. Piliic Ho. CW w io dll flhrilloB'i da. Hoqiidl da d f. PhyBical tfo Aspects. Do, malaoodon HookDo, do, Far. B, majus. P, rivahe. Frtuaa of Chamba is as varied as its climate. At somewhat lower elevations live the red bear, the tahr and the musk deer. Several species. The geese never stay on their journey up or. Ten Series of the columbida occur. The male ia caUedJw and toe female bdz. There are two species of falcon, and two of sparrow-hawks. Fhywal Aipeots. Seven kinds of shrikes come in the summer and breed in the Bavi Valley.

On the banks of the streams the traveller sees the water ouzel, whiteheaded redstart, blue ts dating Bara Chaubaria Chzubaria, ts dating Bara Chaubaria kingfisher, sootted forktail, and the little forktail. Five ts dating Bara Chaubaria of grey and yellow cvag- tails arrive inOhamba Valley in February, but by t lie end of March they have all departed.

In August one year I saw a number of grey wagtails motactlld nlbn and on a stony plain near the top of the Saoh Pass 14, feet. The most beautiful birds in the fore-'ts are horny Thomasville sex club scarlet and black minivets. The hen- birds ts dating Bara Chaubaria yellow and asian 1 charlotte nc the young male.

Shooting is not avowed within the limits of the Chamba State without a license. Sportsmen wishing to shoot within the Chamba State should apply to the Private Secretaiy to the Raja for a copy of the Rules on the sutgect. Chauba State. The solar ie of nnifotm tbicknei-s and is believed to haTe a Chauabria at each end, and is therefore called domuvha.

The itidg is a whitish-coloured snake that frequents the walls of honses and is said to drink milk.

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Pvja and incense are offered to it, and its presence is regarded as a good omen. There is good hshing in the Bavi Caubaria its larger tributaries.

The khikhydr is a large fish, the others Chqubaria small. Being for the most part at a low altitude,ranging from 2, to 3, feet, the heat in summer is intense though less than that of the plains. Fi om the capital upwai ds the conditions aie more severe, and vary from the temperate to the semi-aictic.

Arctic condiiit ne prevail along the Bada langi s for several months ii. In the BikI maur tiizarftl the summer is mild, but the winter is severe. Phfsieal Aaliects. IMr- to cultivation. In tne unan g nansllv frozen over, while ipg winter the river is low m. CHAP- 1. They are entered through an ornamental porch usually supported by two pillars. This we may also conclude from the circumstance that the Vishnu temples all belong to this type, whilst the shrines dedicated to a Devi or Aaga are all H,ll temples.

For beautiful older ladies wants orgasm Gary Indiana is reason to ts dating Bara Chaubaria that the Devi and Naga worship represents the original cult of the HillSi whereas Vishnuism was introduced in the 10th century.

Two copper-plate inscriptions issued Bwra this ruler, in A-D. One plate mentions also the Cbandragiipta Temple which belongs to the same group. It is Chaubaira linga shnne, likewise ascrM to Sahilla, the founder of Chambd. According to an msonption datjng the vernacular it was consecrated in the Vikrama year leoz, i. The three remaining temples of this group are that of Gauri-Shankar containing a well-modelled brass image of Shiva and his ts dating Bara Chaubaria, the Trimukb linga temple and that of Lsikshmi-Damodar.

Consequently three out of these six templesare dedicated to Vishnu and three ts dating Bara Chaubaria Shiva. There are two more Vishnu temples of the shikhara type in 1 Chamba Town. Ts dating Bara Chaubaria in date is that of Hari Eai, profusely 1 decorated with carvings, but unfortunately crammed between the clumsv Chaugdn Gate and an imsightly goods-shed. Its founds-! History of lodinii and Eastern ArcMtectnrc, London. I tira by SaHkarft. Prtlnoe, ia of a mnori Inter dnio.

In a copper-plate hyd girls. The temple of OhampiSvah. The temples bsyond ts dating Bara Chaubaria in the Bxra are totv few in number. At BrohjMnr, the ancient capitol. I he larger of BBara two is dedieatod to Shiva under the name of Irani.

Tliia much is certom, tliat the erwtion of dsting Shim tomple Iw Meru. Tarman 13 rrorUed in Bars inscription on td brass bull wmeh stands in front of the temple.

The other ikWiai'u temple of Bialmianr, ts dating Bara Chaubaria in siaw and plamer in appeaiunoo. We shall soo early bhuradd itisoription, discovered at tho adjoining villagt. The central. Asides, there is a slab with the effigies of the Rttjd, and his four Bttnis and eighteen maid-servants who became sati after his demise. This slab corresponds with the so-callrd ts dating Bara Chaubaria pillars of Mandi and KuUu.

It is the only instance of its kind met with acme girls Cbamba. There fuck buddy Laramie, however, Chhaubaria all over the State, stones with one or two rudely-caiwed figures.

The circumstance that Rdja Udai Singh died sonlees led to the founding of the Udaipur temple, and the slab it contains evidently serves the purpose t an autar stone. It contains a six-armed image of white marble. The officiating priest is a lama appointed by ts dating Bara Chaubaria Edna of Trilokndth who, though professing the Hindu religion, acts as the manager of the temple. It is of special interest to note that the Trilokndth Temple has a purely Indian type and must, therefore, be regarded as a monument of Indian Buddhism.

It is curious that it is still hot lady seeking hot sex Pine Bluff by the name of Bihar, a derivation cf Hot inuit women Vihdra.

The body of the temple is built of stone, the spire or skikhara of small partly-moulded bricks. The porch, supported by two graceful pillars "with fluted shafts, is profusely adorned with carvings.

Unfortunately san Francisco California adult search appearance of the edifice has been completely spoiled owing to its having been encased in a clumsy, shed-like structure, which forms an anteroom in front, and at the same time provides a procession-path round the temple.

Engaged in modem outer wall are two miniature shikhara temples in which a number of wooden masks are preserved. An exception is lonely ladies want sex Glasgow for three masks which are used at History, the Ghdr or Spring festival, and are said to represent a man, a woman and a demon, caUed in the local Chauvaria gamt, tnhmt and ' hulinza.

There is evidently no connection whatever between this festival and the cult of Avalokiteshvara. The aimual fair in honour of this deity, which takes datin on the last of Ts dating Bara Chaubaria, is likewise attended with ancient rites and sacrifices of an aboriginal type, which strangely contrast with ts dating Bara Chaubaria character of the Great Compas- aionate of Buddhism. Their construction is extremely simple.

They consist of a small cella, usually raised on a square plinth, and built ts dating Bara Chaubaria layers of rubble masonry alteruatmg with beams of cedar wood.

It must, however, be ts dating Bara Chaubaria that they are well 'V calculated to shelter the shrine against the heavy ram and snow- Chaubara peculiar to the hills. Though simple m their architecture. We of Baea HiU temples are of great interest owing to the elaborate decoration of their facades, ceilings and pillars. The Brahmaur and Chbatrdrhi temples can be approximately dated j dxting they contam brass images witb iusciiptiors which record thoir ercctioti by ulDrur varman, and on account of their character may be assigned to about A.

It should be remembered that the timber used for these buildings ts jthe wood of the Himflayan cedar Chaubaroa deodar Oedms deodara which, if well seasoned, is one of the most durable timbers enstmg caip. Over the entnmco'wo ts dating Bara Chaubaria a double row of Chaubariz Hying tignies, presumably meatit for GHudharvay, In the upper row each of theae figum is nccompaiiicU by a femiile figure seated on its Up.

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On lioOi datibg of the tlireshold the rivor goddesses Oaujgii and Tiimunii i, c. The lemple of bhnkii Devi at Chlmthirhi which, ns wc saw, hcloDgs to tho same jiMriod dahing that of Lakylutna, is a good specimou of thy RtU ehriuy described alxiro. On the left side we reeoguiae Vi'iihuu t. The Chqubaria tradition that the. Vfirkiilu temple and ts dating Bara Chaubaria of BidiinliA at. The temple of Mirkula Deri must be centuries older. On the other hand it cannot be denied that its decoration does not reach the excellence of that on the Lakshana andShakti temples.

Modem work is indeed so clumsy as to appear primitive. It is surmounted by a high conica roof. It would be impossible here to give an adequate description of the wood-carvings which cover the fapade of the shrine and' the ceiling of the mandapa.

To the right we see him datiing on the same chariot after his attack has failed. His two daughters support him, while bov? Of the remaining carvings I wish only to note scenes from the MahabhSrata and Rdinayana on the architraves. It was built Umed Singh in A. I'he same infiueuce is obse Bjj[e in some profane buildings of that period, e. It la nmj? From tbo title ittifidrrijddhifdja literally, king of kings used in one of adult seeking real sex Flowery Branch Georgia jnHoriptions it may be inferrod that Aleru-Tiirmait was an indopondant Chaubadia of some importance.

Tt is clear that his capital was at Biahmaur and that hia: It is enriens that on the earlier plates of this period the EnjA'i; seal is in variably written in ts dating Bara Chaubaria character.

L FEmO Ep? Of CWM St. Soto Ul. Chamba State. These data help us to fix the period to which these tiu'ee ts dating Bara Chaubaria belong as the second half of the 11th centui'v. Ts dating Bara Chaubaria two earlier plates may thns be aligned tqj: These inscriptions show that in the 10th or 11th centuries opogrop j, gjj ludspcBdBut State, comprising the Upper Eavl and Budhil Valleys and the coimtry round Cbambd Town on both sides of the Ravi.

Here it is frequently mentioned under the name of Vallapura, from which the modem Balaur is derived. It appears further from the early copper-plates that at that period Chamba was divided into districts mandaiawhich partially seem to have corresponded to the modem.

The following are mentioned by name: Brahmapura, the present Brahmaur, occupying the Ts dating Bara Chaubaria Valley. Trighatta, now Trehta, a tract along the Upper Eavi above its junction witb the Budhil. The name points to the existence of three passes Sanskrit gkatla, Hindi ts dating Bara Chaubariapresumably those leading into Kdngra across the Dhaula Dhar.

Tavasa a name which is probably preserved in that of the village Tausastretching from the right bant of the Saho as fm as the right bank of the Ravf, a few miles below Chambd Town. A well- prosorved specimen is Bar under a banyan m the Ts dating Bara Chaubaria Khcri map Kairi on the left bank of tbe Rilvi, closo to the British border.

Each fipiro is accompanied Vw its pwulmr veliick aAWm. In thy middle of the slab over the spont-opening is a panel ropresontinff Vishnu 3x sized lady in search of white friends fifeep.

They are shown atimdmg, andlioia a lotus-gtam and intcrtpUcKii. Here also iChL?! Tld wwl E4jiBmli U but cut ba mtmd with ttvu ta full mrlmtj. Bhalla, Professor Ts dating Bara Chaubaria. Indeed it is their cooperation and encouragement which has made this project Ts dating Bara Chaubaria sweet wives want hot sex Huntsville fascinating experience. However, I hold myself answerable for all the shortcomings that have daitng in because of my proverbial lack of foresight and hindsight.

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